Face Mapping

“Face mapping” is an ancient practice rooted in Ayurvedic teaching. It connects a point on your face to an organ or body part so you know what to treat internally for clear external results.

Here are 10 common areas your face may be experiencing an issue, and what they say about your health:


1. Forehead

Can be linked to digestion, bladder infection, intolerances and insufficient water in the body. Hair products like shampoo, conditioner, etc, can also play a part in congestion in this area.

2. Between eyebrows

Breakouts in this area are typically contributed to the liver or liver stress. This can come from a diet high in fat, eating too close to bedtime, or eating too many dairy products.

3. Nose

The nose is often connected with the respiratory system. The overproduction of oil or dehydration in this area can be linked to blackheads and pustules around the nose. The nose is closely related to your circulatory system, so if you find yourself breakout out there, it might indicate a blood pressure issue. Up the amounts of essential fatty acids in your diet (avocado, flax, olive oil), and avoid alcohol, coffee and spicy foods.

4. Cheeks

The respiratory system is often linked to break out on and around the cheeks. High pollution in the air and smoking can also be factors. However, specific breakouts in line with the teeth can relate to sinus or gum inflammation or infection. It is also important to note that acne on the cheeks might be caused by a dirty cellphone and pillowcases, or a tendency to touch your face a lot. Make sure to keep your hands away from your face, and accessories and sheets clean.

5. Chin/Neck

Typically, the chin and jawline, like the forehead, can be linked to poor diet, intolerances, and digestive problems. In females it is often linked to hormonal issues including ones menstrual cycle.

Ula Blocksage has a very informative video explain face mapping in more detail:



spotlight beauty – pat mcgrath

In the midst of this holiday season, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all of the colourful and glittery products targeted towards us, specific to the holidays.

So, focusing on one key item is what we are attempting to do. This month’s beauty item in focus is make up artist Pat McGrath’s Skin Fetish 003 in GOLDEN.

the package comes with an incandescent gel pigment, buffer brush, and the dual-ended shiny stick, which has a highlighter on one end, and a beauty balm on the other. 

Seriously, this product is a miracle worker. It’s golden tint brings out the warmth in my skin, while still not going overboard.


The package comes with a fair warning – “users may experience increased confidence, attraction to mirrors, and other side effects associated with supremely salacious skin,” and they couldn’t have been more true. 

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
each order comes with a bag of sequins

So while I sit in a boring lecture in cold Toronto, I will wear Skin Fetish 003 and pretend I am Bambi Northwood-Blyth, sitting on an island in the Dominican.