MOVIE SPOTLIGHT: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

My current obsession with Tiffany’s was definitely brought on as a result of watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s way too many times, at way too young of an age. The opening scene of Holly Golightly walking down 5th avenue gazing into Tiffany’s is a moment that will stay iconic in Hollywood films forever. But what else about this film makes it so memorable?


Holly Golightly is eccentric, quirky, all-in-all weird girl with impeccable style. Silk eye masks and hot pink peplum party dresses are two things that seem impossible to be worn by the same person, yet the film’s main character manages to pull off both effortlessly. The witty banter she and Paul (Fred?) have with each other keeps viewers entertained the first, second, tenth time one watches the film.


Despite having its fair share of 1950’s racismBreakfast at Tiffany’s completely embodies ditzy socialite culture, and will remain one of the most iconic movies of time.



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