top 10 christmas movies

I am sitting on my hotel balcony in Saigon, Vietnam as I am writing this. It is 8pm and the church in front of me has started chiming its bells. The sound, along with Christmas just around the corner, makes me feel a sort of nostalgia. So, what better than to round up my favourite films I love to watch this holiday season.

Note; half of these films aren’t even christmas themed, but something about them just makes them perfect to watch during this season…

  1. a christmas carol (1951)
  2. the bishop’s wife (1947) 
  3. a christmas story (1983) 
  4. home alone (1990)
  5. the nightmare before christmas
  6. die hard (1988)
  7. it’s a wonderful life (1946)
  8. some like it hot (1959)
  9. you’ve got mail (1998)
  10. beetlejuice (1988)

happy holidays from AZOEI! xx


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